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Research Findings

A cooperative research project by Washington State University and USDA Agricultural Research Service.

Research projects funded in 2010

  Objective 2   Measurement and Prediction of Wind Erosion and Dust Emissions      
  Project   Particle sizing and the PM2.5 and PM10 emission ratio of eroded sediment   Brenton Sharratt  
  Objective 5   Wind Erosion and PM10 Emission Control Methods      
  Project   Agronomic comparison of Pacific Northwest winter wheat varieties and advanced breeding lines in early planted tilled fallow versus late-planted chemical fallow   Arron Carter  
  Project   Developing sustainable intensive cropping and conservation tillage systems in north-central Oregon and south-central Washington   Stephen Machado  
  Project   Wind erosion control research for dryland cropping systems   William Schillinger  
  Objective 7   Identify Sustainable Farming Practices for the Columbia Plateau by Measuring Changes in Soil Quality      
  Project   The effect of wind erosion and control measures on soil carbon, communities and quality   Ann Kennedy  
  Project   Economics of wind erosion control   Doug Young  
  Objective 8   Develope Awareness and Acceptance of BMP's via On-Farm Testing of Improved Technologies in Farmers' Fields      
  Project   High residue farming in irrigated systems for wind erosion management   Andy McGuire

On-farm testing of cropping systems technology to improve profitability and erosion control in low and intermediate rainfall areas of eastern Washington

  Aaron Esser  
  Project   Horse Heaven Hills on-farm undercutter evaluation   Phil Petersen  

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